DC801 Black Mage Badge: 2nd Batch

DC801 Black Mage Badge: 2nd Batch

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We will release a free software update to add chapter 2 to all current badges as soon as we start shipping the second batch of hardware. There are NO new hardware features in this second batch of badges!

New and existing owners of the DC801 Black Mage Badge can also purchase an optional upgrade for their badge, a replacement Art Board with customizable lights!

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As you all know, every year, DC801 builds a STUNNING badge to fund our kick-ass DEFCON party and to fund our local non-profit hackerspace 801Labs. This year, we needed to scale the party back a bit, but proceeds from the badge will still fund our smaller, more intimate DC30 homecoming party, the production run of the Badge itself, and the remainder will be donated to the hackerspace. We really appreciate any help you have to offer, this badge keeps the hackerspace alive. As a side note, we have added the ability to make a donation to the hackerspace as part of your purchase; donations will go directly to upkeep, content development, and rent for the 801Labs hackerspace.

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The DC801 Black Mage Badge has many little things on it. Not for licking.

  • Core CPU is the Nordic nRF52840 SoC, on the u-blox BMD-340 module
  • 256k RAM, 1M internal flash, Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU @ 64Mhz
  • Bluetooth 5 with Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee support
  • Temperature sensor
  • 27 buttons with NKRO via a dedicated Microchip ATiny1617(TBD) microcontroller, with UPDI programming support
  • 19 LEDs
  • SD card socket
  • 32MB of quad-spi flash
  • 2.4" 240x320 TFT LCD screen with touch panel
  • LiPo battery with on-board charging
  • USB-C interface supporting USB endpoints
  • SAO 1.69bis and SAINTCON MiniBadge expansion headers
  • Support for the DC801 'ART Board' front board expansion
  • JTAG via both standard ARM interface as well as Tag Connect
  • Exciting artwork and sandwich design


Other mages might wield the power of fire, ice, or lightning, but one has a very different power. With the magical artifact Ring Zero, our hero has the power to HACK THE FABRIC OF REALITY ITSELF.

Explore a growing world as new chapters are developed and released:

Hex Quest Chapter 1

Use the in-game hex editor to investigate and manipulate the game: the overworld, NPCs, enemies… and even yourself! Find secrets and overcome obstacles to become a hacking wizard!




  • Hex editor for editing the RAM of the game you're playing
  • Completely custom artwork
  • 11 puzzles in an overarching story
  • Explorable village with dozens of highly interactable characters
  • Easter eggs and nerd references
  • Tools for developing your own playable scenario
  • Memes and magic and goats. Oh, my!

Want a sneak peak of this epic badge experience?

Want a taste before diving in to buy one?

Play chapter 1 in your web browser right now! Or watch this awesome badge review by Alex Chaveriat for last year’s badge!

Did you know? The DC801 Black MAGE Badge turned 1 on July 3rd 2022!


NEW! Hex Quest Chapter 2

The next chapter in the Hex Quest saga is about to unfold!

After mastering Ring Zero in chapter 1, our hero will now learn to engage with their world via serial console. The Big Bad shows signs of returning, and it’s up to our hacking hero to find the first of three artifacts that hold the key to defeating the Big Bad for good.

  • Improved game engine, now with serial communication over USB
  • New bling mode with several “screen saver” options
  • New demo mode for sandbox play
  • More refined scenario tooling (so you can more easily write your own playable campaign)
  • Replay chapter 1 or dive straight in to chapter 2
  • Chapter 2:
    • Hybrid text adventure and graphical play
    • Computer-themed dungeon
    • More custom artwork!
    • More story and more secrets!
    • More nerd puns!


When will you get your badge?

Here's the problem. Chip shortages are a thing 😭. How many of you got a Flipper Zero a year later than you thought? Yeah, it's not fun. We have no clue when these parts will show up. So you can consider this a group buy. We'll pool our money together, buy parts one at a time until we can build a full badge. This means that your badge won’t be on its way as soon as you hit the order button.

How will you get your badge?

We'll be shipping these to your front door! 

International Shipping:
Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally. It was extremely expensive for us last year and we had many packages returned. If you are outside of the US, we'd love to get you a badge. The best advice we have for you is to use a shipping forwarding service or a trusted friend in the US. 

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